The Three P's


Students of all ages have many chances to participate and enjoy at Education 1st.

For example:
• Learning and making progress either in a 1 to 1 or a very small class environment
• 1 to 1 mentoring sessions which may be off site
• Visits to interesting places
• Raising money for charity
• Sporting activities-individual and team
• Art and craft activities
• Learning new skills e.g. cooking, gardening, street dance, rock climbing
• Trips to fun places



Information for parents/carers
Presence is crucial for students to get the most from their placement at Education 1st. Emotional well-being and academic success are undoubtedly linked to excellent attendance. In simple terms if a student is present every day, they have the best chance of success. Therefore we ask all parents/carers to do everything possible to ensure their child attends Education 1st punctually and in full accordance with their agreed timetable.

Early intervention and support are at the heart of our approach where there are attendance concerns. We always welcome the chance to communicate with parents and carers so we can work together to ensure improved attendance.

Education 1st provides attendance data to the commissioning body who will use it for attendance monitoring purposes.

Is my child well enough to attend school?
Many children/young people experience common ailments from time to time. Most illnesses do not need a prescription, are rarely serious and do not need time away from school. Early morning aches often pass so don't keep your child at home 'just in case'. If students feel unwell during the day we have experienced first aiders who will assess the situation.

Your contact details
Please make sure that your contact details held by Education 1st are accurate and up to date so that staff can contact you if your child is not well enough to stay on school.

Minor Illnesses
If your child is unwell on a school day always telephone or text 07341 564377 as soon as possible with the specific reason as this needs to be logged on their attendance record.

We operate a first day calling system. If we are unsure as to why your child is absent this will result in unauthorised absence on their record.

Long term or regular absences for illness
If there are concerns about your child's attendance we will discuss this with you and agree improvement targets. This will be followed up with you by the commissioning body as per their attendance policy.

Medical Appointments
Where possible please arrange doctor, dentist and optician appointments outside of school hours. If that is not possible your child should attend for the remainder of the day.

Every Day Counts!


At Education 1st we believe in providing a personalised plan for each student to enable them to achieve as much progress as possible during their time with us.

After referral each student will receive a 'Pupil Progress Profile' which sets individual targets covering 6 areas of social, emotional and mental health. Offsite activities are tailored to help the students progress within each theme and successes are celebrated with termly certificates.

Within the classroom, pupils are given an 'Individual Student Support Plan. Each student is made aware of their termly targets which focus on academic engagement, Maths and English. (These are linked to EHCPs or EP recommendations where relevant). Progress is reviewed on a termly basis when students are given the chance to reflect on their learning and share their voice.

Data regarding our student's progress is shared on a termly basis with home, school or other commissioning bodies.